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October 5, 2021: “Here Were the First Ever Public Comments at Cleveland City Council Monday,” Sam Allard, Scene

October 4, 2021: “Cleveland City Council allows public comments at meeting for first time in a century,” Robert Higgs,

October 4, 2021: “Cleveland City Council allows public comment at regular meetings,” Jeff Slawson, 19 News

October 4, 2021: “Public comment starts at Cleveland City Council Monday night,” Nick Castele, Ideastream

September 20, 2021: “Cleveland City Council approves public comment rules,” Courtney Astolfi,

August 25, 2021: “Cleveland City Council Votes, at Last, to Allow Public Comment at Meetings,” Sam Allard, Scene

August 18, 2021: “Cleveland City Council Approves Public Comment Rule Change,” Taylor Haggerty, Ideastream

August 18, 2021: “Speak Up: Cleveland City Council adopts rule change allowing public comment but final hurdle remains,” Jordan Vandenberge, News 5 Cleveland

August 18, 2021: “Cleveland residents soon to get first chance at public comment before City Council in nearly 100 years,” Robert Higgs,

August 17, 2021: “City Council set to vote on rules change allowing public comment,” Lee Chilcote, The Land

August 16, 2021: “Council Public Comment Procedures May Include Provisions Grassroots Group Called for, But Concerns Persist,” Sam Allard, Scene

August 13, 2021: “Clevelanders for Public Comment Trashes Cleveland City Council’s Weaksauce ‘Rules Change.'” Sam Allard, Scene

July 15, 2021: “Cleveland City Council nears decision to allow public comments for first time in a century,” Robert Higgs,

May 25, 2021: “Cleveland City Council might finally adopt public comment, but we need to keep pushing if we want to get this right,” Jessica Trivisonno, The Land

May 11, 2021: “Cleveland City Council to allow public comment at meetings,” Kristin Mazur, 19 News

May 10, 2021: “Cleveland City Council Looks At Rule Change To Allow Public Comment,” Nick Castele, Ideastream

May 10, 2021: “Cleveland City Council agrees to allow public comment at meetings, must still draw up the rules,” Robert Higgs,

May 10, 2021: “City Council Agrees on Public Comment, Continues to Delay Implementation,” Sam Allard, Scene

May 2, 2021: “It’s time — well past time, actually — for Cleveland to pass an ordinance establishing a regular public comment period at Cleveland City Council meetings,” Crain’s Cleveland editorial

April 21, 2021: “Let the People be Heard at Cleveland City Council Meetings,”

April 20, 2021: “Clevelanders for Public Comment Gain Support of Two More Council Members, Giving Majority for Legislation,” Sam Allard, Scene

April 14, 2021: This Week in the CLE podcast (public comment discussion starts at 6:30 mark)

April 13, 2021: “Door To Door: Seen But Not Heard At Cleveland City Council,” Nick Castele, Ideastream

April 12, 2021: “Momentum for Public Comment in Cleveland Grows with Additional City Council Support,” Sam Allard, Scene

April 12, 2021: “Clevelanders, council members draft legislation to push for more public access to city leaders,” WKYC

April 12, 2021: “7 Cleveland City Council Members Back Public Comments At Meetings,” Nick Castele, Ideastream

April 9, 2021: “Six Cleveland City Council members back creating a time for pubic speaking at meetings,”

April 4, 2021: “Residents’ calls grow for public comment in Cleveland,” Nora Kelley, Crain’s Cleveland

March 22, 2021: “Keep it to yourself: Public comment is a city council tradition in many places, but Clevelanders hear ‘Shhhh,'” Lee Chilcote and Maria McGinnis, The Land

February 26, 2021: “Democracy in Cleveland rests on the little things – like letting the public be heard,” Randy Cunningham,

February 21, 2021: “About 40 sign open letter seeking ‘structural change to democratize Cleveland City Hall,’ primarily by allowing more public input,” Jane Morice,

February 1, 2021: “Cleveland Community Leaders Send Letter to Council Prez Kevin Kelley, Call for Democratic Reforms,” Sam Allard, Scene

News Releases

October 15, 2021: “Public Comment Fact Check: Council President Kelley Offers ‘Alternative Facts’ at the City Club”

September 21, 2021: “Statement on Council’s Proposed Rules for Public Comment

August 17, 2021: “Council’s Public-Comment Proposed Rule Falls Short”

August 11, 2021: “Council Offers Half-Hearted Support For Resident Input; Proposes A Weak Rule Change”

April 20, 2021: “Nine Council Members Now Support Public Comment Ordinance”

April 9, 2021: “City Council and Clevelanders For Public Comment Press Conference at
12:30 PM on Monday, April 12 at Cleveland City Hall”